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Type in the address bar: *+*
On the back of your Gaming Commission ID Badge, under the Bar Code you will see your 5 digit Team Member ID Number
(i.e. 05555). Watson places a 1 in front of your 5 digit number to make a 6 digit number (i.e. 1 + 05555 = 105555)
EMPLOYEE ID: Enter 1 + your 5-digit Team Member ID # (i.e. 100005, 100227, 102171) PASSWORD: Your temporary Password is your 6-digit Team Member ID Number.
If the system does not prompt you to change your password, please click on "Preferences" icon when you are logged on and are at your Homepage to your password. If you need assistance, please contact your Watson Department Management.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Do not select the "Remember my ID" or "Automatically Log Me In" options on a PUBLIC/SHARED COMPUTER.


HOME PAGE – Watson automatically defaults and opens to your Home Page each time you visit.
On the Home Page, you will see the Navigational Toolbar ICONS displaying Home, Schedules, Time Cards, Availability, Messages "Box", Preferences, and Log Out.
The Home Page displays your Current Schedule. By clicking on the + (plus) sign or – (minus) sign, you can expand or collapse each day of the week to view your regular work hours/times.
It also displays messages in your "Red Hawk Casino Message Box". Click on Plus Sign to see the message summary – click on Magnifying Glass to open message so you can reply, forward or delete.
(You may also refer to the "Messages" section on Page ___.)
NOTE: This is not an email. Red Hawk Team Members are only allowed to send or receive messages using this Message Box for Scheduling purposes only. This message box is the property of Red Hawk Casino and can be viewed by Management at any time. Misuse of this message box can lead to disciplinary actions by your Department Management.

NEED HELP? – Look for the "?" icon near top left of page (available on all tabs except the Home Page).

The Schedules Icon page defaults to display up to 6 weeks in a calendar format. You may choose to view the calendar by daily or monthly displaying the days you have been scheduled to work by your Department Management. (Note: You will receive a Message in your Message Box from your Department Manager of when the 2-weeks in advance Schedules are available for viewing and to begin requesting changes.)



The Schedule page provides a legend displaying your specific information. On the top portion you can view your hours scheduled, worked, overtime hours, shifts worked, and shifts remaining. On the bottom portion, these icons will appear on the days you have requested a change in your work schedule.

  • Pending Add – Your Shift/Swap request is pending and is awaiting APPROVAL by your Department Manager.
  • Pending Drop – Your request that was pending was cancelled by you.
  • Pending Time Off - Your (Scheduled or Un-Scheduled) leave requests are pending approval by your Department Manager.
  • Time Off – The Time Off icon is located on the week we are currently on and you may double-click on this icon to change your view to daily as shown above.
  • Multiple Shifts – You have been scheduled or requested multiple shifts.
  • Has Punches – A clock icon displays that you have punches that are available to be displayed. (You may refer to the Time Clock Section on Page ___)

You may select a day up to "48-hours" before the shift is to begin to request a Shift/Swap change for approval. Unless, your Department requires further notification.
By double clicking on any "past" day on your calendar displaying the "Has Punches" Clock Icon, you may view your "Scheduled", "Actual Worked", and availability information.


The Time Card view displays all current and historical Time Card punch information for any specific pay period.  Clicking on the Dropdown Arrow Icon allows you to view prior periods. You may click on the "Approve Pay Period Button" which allows the Team Member to confirm or bring to their Manager's attention any discrepancies regarding their punches (i.e, missed punches, etc.). The Manager will be able to review and correct any issues in TimeSaver that is brought to their attention by this feature. [NOTE: This feature does not replace the current Time Saver Payroll processes, it is only confirming that your "Time Card" punches are correctly reported or fix any discrepancies before the end of that pay period.]


This option allows you to view your scheduled and recurring time through an availability chart. To view all of your Time off Requests status that were approved or denied, click on the 'View Time Off' button.

To 'View/Change Availability' to see a spreadsheet style view of your recurring availability, and to request any changes to your recurring availability. It is suggested that you speak with Management before requesting an availability change in days off or work times available to work. Management bases shifts on business needs; however, all requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis.
To request a day off, click on the 'Request Time Off' button. Enter a Start and End Date by clicking on the Calendar button located to the right or you may enter the dates (Example: 03/07/11). To enter a 'Reason for Request', click inside the field and a drop down menu will appear. Enter the 'Number of Paid Hours'. If you are only requesting part of a day off, then check the
'Specify times with Dates' box). Once you have completed all the fields, click on the "Submit" button and a Pop-Up Message will state, "Time Off request submitted successfully".  This will also send a message to your Management's E-Portal Message Box (The Message Box is not email) for notification and will insert an icon on the date of request showing the request is "Pending Time Off". Once Management approves your request, the Online Schedule icon will change to the "Time Off" icon on the day(s) of the requests approved by Management.


The Message Box displays your E-portal messages either sent or received by Management or other recipients. Double clicking on the Message Box Icon to open and Reply, Forward or Delete. You also can create new messages here. Note: The Message Box is not email and should be used only for the sole purpose of Scheduling.
NOTE - You must click the 'Save My Settings' button after making any changes in order to save them.  


This feature allows you to add your own personal information (address/phone etc.) and preferences (language, time format, etc).  You can alter your preferences or change your password here. You may also change your messaging preference to have your messages forwarded to your personal email address. But, you are unable to reply back to the message box from your email, remember the message box is only for scheduling purposes.

Logout – Click to logout icon of system.

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